PHS525 Introductory Biostatistics for Lab Scientist

This is the unofficial course webpage for PHS 525 Introductory Biostatistics for Lab Scientists. This course is designed to provide lab scientist knowledge and skills necessary to analyze datasets arising from lab experiments, interpret the results with statistical rigor. While all course materials will be posted on ANGEL, we also post all materials on this page, so that students may check without the complication of logging in.

Course Instructor: Dr. Dajiang Liu and Dr. Huamei Dong

Syllabus: PDF

Homework Solutions:

Homework 1 Solution PDF
Homework 2 Solution PDF
Homework 3 Solution PDF

Lecture Notes

Lecture Jan-12-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Jan-14-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Jan-19-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Jan-21-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Jan-26-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Jan-28-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Feb-02-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Feb-09-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Feb-11-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Feb-11-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Feb-16-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Feb-18-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Feb-23-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Feb-25-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Mar-01-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Mar-15-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Mar-17-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Mar-22-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Mar-24-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Mar-31-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Apr-05-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Apr-07-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Apr-12-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Dong)
Lecture Apr-14-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Apr-19-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)
Lecture Apr-21-2016 PDF (Lecturer: Dr. Liu)





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